German 143. German History from Bismarck to Hitler





Kryan Metropolis painting


TTh 10:30-11:45am


Frank Johnson

German History loomed like a specter over the twentieth century. In the twenty-first century, Americans have been debating the relevance and legitimacy of comparisons between German history and our contemporary world. How useful is German history for understanding our current moment? How might our present-day concerns distort what we see in the past? This course will examine the history of Germans in Europe and elsewhere, starting with the revolutions of 1848 and ending with the separation of Austria, West Germany, and East Germany following the Second World War. Themes will be war, insurrection, and terrorism, revolution and counter-revolution, gender and sexuality, reform, violence, anti-semitism, racial thinking and racism, and migration.

Course Notes: This course is also offered through the History Department as History 1265. Credit may be earned for either German 143 or History 1265, but not both.