German 189. Text – Sound – Image: Intermediality in Modern and Contemporary German Poetry





Top of stack of books installation at Bebelplatz, Berlin


Th 12:45-2:45pm



This course explores the vast range of poetic practices that have emerged in the German-speaking countries since the end of the 19th century. We will first engage with the hybrid forms of poetry characteristic of the early artistic and literary avant-gardes, such as sound poems, visual poems, collage-poems or object-poems. We will, too, examine examples of collaborative works aimed at dismantling the boundaries between poetry and the other arts: illustrated books, painting/drawing, film, or opera. Finally, we will reflect on the impact of analog and, then, digital technologies on the further diversification of poetic practices in the second half of the 20th century, and inquire into the changing significance of the human body in the making of poetry. Authors and artists studied in this course may include: Ball, Arp, Schwitters, Brecht, Jandl, Mayröcker, Grass, Pastior, Heiner Müller, Achleitner, Faktor, Herta Müller, Kling. Readings and discussions will be in German. Assignments must be submitted in German.


Course Notes: Readings and discussions will be in German.


***This course is holding a virtual information session on August 24 at 3 pm ET. Visit the course Canvas site for the meeting link.***