German 291. Questions of Theory





German 291 Kandinsky


F 12:45-2:45pm


Sütterlin and Sommer

To explore key literary, cultural and critical theories, we pose questions through readings of classic and contemporary theorists, from Aristotle to Kant, Schiller, Arendt, Barthes, Foucault, Glissant, Ortiz, Kittler, and Butler, among others. Their approaches include aesthetics, structuralism, discourse analysis, media theory, deconstruction, psychoanalysis, gender theory, ecocriticism. Each seminar addresses a core reading and a cluster of variations. Weekly writing assignments will formulate one or two questions to the core text and the cluster, to prepare for seminar discussions.

Course Notes: Conducted in English. This course is also offered as Romance Studies 201 and CompLit 201. Credit may be earned for only one of these courses: Romance Studies 201, or CompLit 201, or German 291.