German 64. Recall, Recollect, Remember





Top of stack of books installation at Bebelplatz, Berlin


TTh 10:30-11:45am



Is identity—whether of self, community, or culture—defined more by what is remembered or what is forgotten? And how do the techniques of recollection—words and images as much as traditions or monuments—determine the ways we are able to recall in the first place? In this course, we will consider the problems of memory in German-speaking contexts, especially in situations in which the past, immediate as much as long-term, appears so fraught and so weighty. Examining cases from German fiction, essays, graphic novels, and film, we will explore the techniques that allow us to recall the past as much as the things we feel compelled to remember—or compelled to forget. Readings include works by Freud, Kleist, Hofmannsthal, Benjamin, Bachmann, Wolf, Ayim, Steyerl, and Sebald.


Course Notes: Conducted in German.


Prerequisite: German 20 (or equivalent)


***This course is holding a virtual information session on August 25 at 11 am ET. Visit the course Canvas site for the meeting link.***