Anna Horakova

Anna Horakova

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Anna Horakova

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Anna Horakova holds a B.A. in Philosophy and Modern Languages and an M.St. in Medieval and Modern Languages from the University of Oxford, and completed her PhD in German Studies at Cornell University. In 2014 – 15, she was a visiting research fellow at Humboldt University in Berlin.

She is currently working on a monograph on the intersection of aesthetics and politics in self-published East German underground literature (samizdat). The study examines the relationship of underground literature to official East German culture, the writings by the playwrights Bertolt Brecht and Heiner Müller, and to experimental aesthetic forms such as photomontage.

Dr. Horakova has published an article on the Czech-German author Jan Faktor in German Life and Letters (2015), and her article on new critical and pedagogical perspectives on Christa Wolf is forthcoming in Christa Wolf: A Companion (De Gruyter). Her wider research and teaching interests include twentieth-century German literature and visual culture, theories of the avantgarde, theories of socialism, postcolonial studies, and visual studies. She teaches courses in contemporary and 20th-century German-speaking literatures and cultures.
2017-2018 Courses: 
German 101. German Literature, Culture, and Society
German 69. Crossing Borders in 20th and 21st Century German Culture
German 191. Engineering Texts: Avantgardes in Twentieth-Century Germany

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