Christian Struck

Christian Struck

Teaching Fellow

After studying Philosophy, German Literature, Law, and Psychology in Bonn, Paris, and Berlin, Christian Struck joined the Harvard Ph.D. program in 2015. His research focuses on the materiality and spatiality of prose texts, as well as the access points that readers find to them. In close readings, his dissertation project sets out to identify and analyze the relationships that the various marks—letters, punctuation marks, aspects of layout, and the authors’ idiosyncrasies in their use—establish on and to the page they appear on. These marks function on semantic and semiotic levels, but at the same time exhibit a materiality that often resists or subverts their initial understanding, while in turn allowing for all access to the text: they form the world of the page. His main focus lies in texts by Italo Calvino, Ilse Aichinger, Arno Schmidt, and Uwe Johnson. Christian's further academic interests comprise German literature, culture, and theory from 1800 to the present, with emphases on post-1945, fin-de-siècle, and Romanticism, as well as English and French literary history; phenomenology & ontology, deconstruction, critical theory, New Materialism, and aesthetics; artistic research, media theory & archaeology, and sound studies. His nonacademic interests include Yoga, climbing, biking, film & cinema, sound & music, and installation & media art.




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Art Catalogues / Misc

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