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Sebastian studied German as well as English and American literature at Ruhr-Universität Bochum – "tief im Westen / wo die Sonne verstaubt" (Herbert Grönemeyer). Having also worked there as a student assistent and as an undergraduate tutor, he graduated from RUB with an M.A. thesis on the autobiographical writings of Walter Benjamin, Elias Canetti, and Thomas Bernhard in 2015. The following year he joined Harvard's GLL Department as a PhD student and is here working on a dissertation tentatively titled "Fact, Fiction, and Transparency: Modes of Autobiographical Self-Reference in the 20th Century." Other fields of interest include the epistemology of case narratives, the media theory and aesthetics of reading scenes, literary theory, and narratology. Since coming to Harvard, Sebastian has organized the departmental graduate student lecture series, taught in the department's language program and as a section leader in the Harvard College Program in General Education (Ethics and Civics), and served on the undergraduate tutorial board in the Department of Comparative Literature. He is also actively involved with the PhD-Net "Das Wissen der Literatur" (HU-Berlin) and, in the academic year 2020/21, is serving as a Literary Fellow at Harvard's GSAS Student Center. In his free time, Sebastian more or less persistently tries to finish Pynchon’s Gravity's Rainbow or reads other postmodern American novels. He is a fan of indie pop/rock music and concerts, theater and acting, and coffee and newspapers.



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(2020) "So viele krause Züge und Schnörkel durcheinander." E.T.A. Hoffmanns romantische Leseszenen. In: Leseszenen. Poetologie – Geschichte – Medialität. Ed. by Jadwiga Kita-Huber, Irina Hron, and Sanna Schulte. Heidelberg: Winter. 181-99.

(2016) Uwe-K. Ketelsen – sozialgeschichtliche Betrachtungsweise. In: Literaturwissenschaftliche Aufbaujahre. Beiträge zur Gründung und Formation der Literaturwissenschaft am Germanistischen Institut der Ruhr-Universität Bochum – ein germanistikgeschichtliches Forschungsprojekt. Ed. by Carsten Zelle. Bern et al.: Peter Lang (= Bochumer Schriften zur deutschen Literatur. Neue Folge, 5). 151-170.

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