Scandinavian 102. Scandinavian Folklore: Trolls, Trolldom and the Uses of Tradition





Painting of people dancing


TTh 11:00-11:59am



Examines Nordic folklore and folklife, with an emphasis on narratives, supernatural beliefs, and material culture from the 15th to the early 20th centuries, interpreted against additional sources of information drawn from the archaeological and historical records. Key strategies used in the fields of folklore, literature, and cultural history to interpret such texts discussed in detail, and applied in analyzing our materials. Also carefully considered, the history and development of folklore studies in Scandinavia and the role of folklore (and folklore studies) as, and in, anti-colonial and nation-building movements.

Course Notes: This course is equivalent to and also listed as FolkMyth 160. Credit may be earned for Scand 102 or FolkMyth 160, but not both. Enrollment limited to 12. Preference given to concentrators in F&M and GLL.