Concurrent Masters Program


Applicants must demonstrate proficiency in the German language by having completed at least one advanced-level language course (at the 60-level, or an approved equivalent).

In addition, students must have completed at least three further courses towards the A.B. in German, including German 101 or 102 and at least two further courses at the 100-level. Satisfactory completion of these requirements means an overall grade average of A-.


Students interested in pursuing an A.B.-A.M. course of study should consult with the Director of Undergraduate Studies and the Director of Graduate Studies as early as possible.

Application is through the usual Graduate School of Arts and Sciences application system and occurs in the fall of the Junior Year. Applicants should specify that they are applying for the A.B.-A.M. program.

Applicants must demonstrate proficiency in the German language.

Admission to the program and receipt of the fourth-year A.M. degree do not automatically entitle students to further graduate study in the department. Should they wish to proceed to the Ph.D., they must file a subsequent, second application to the Graduate School.

Program Requirements

  1. Satisfactory completion (no grade lower than B–, more A’s than B’s) of an approved program of eight courses in German.
  2. Four of the eight courses must be in the group designated as “primarily for graduates” (200-level). All courses must be beyond German 102.
  3. Two of the courses must consist of the Proseminar and a Graduate Seminar taught by a Faculty Member in the Department. Both are normally taken in the Senior Year.
  4. Normally, one course must be wholly or partly linguistic/philological in character.
  5. Four of the eight courses may count both towards the A.B. and the A.M. degree.
  6. There is no A.M. examination or thesis.