Departmental advising of concentrators in all three years is carried out by the Directors of Undergraduate Studies. Students meet with the Director of Undergraduate Studies in their field regularly at the beginning of each term and thereafter as desired. They are available to answer all questions regarding the department’s concentrations, and can provide students with reading guides, lists of courses approved each year, copies of past general examinations, etc. All potential concentrators are encouraged to contact them. The department’s offices are located in the Barker Center. 

Meet Our Advisors

Lisa ParkesDr. Lisa Parkes, Director of Undergraduate Studies for German
Phone: 617-495-3548


Agnes BrooméDr. Agnes Broomé, Director of Undergraduate Studies for Scandinavian
Phone: 617-496-4158

How to Declare a Concentration in German or Scandinavian Studies

Did you know you can declare your concentration at any time of year? Current sophomores usually declare starting at the beginning of their sophomore year. Discussing your plan of study with any potential department is an important step as a student at Harvard. Feel free to contact us at anytime to start. Our faculty provide additional office hours to assist you in the weeks leading up to declaration, but we ask that you make an appointment. We look forward to hearing from you!

After consulting with an advisor from the department and developing the plan of study required by the Office of the Registrar, simply declare German via the my.harvard tool, where we will register our approval of your plan with the Registrar. Please feel free to contact us with any changes or questions post declaration. 

Upcoming Advising Opportunities

Germanic Languages and Literatures Open House

Find out more about our concentration and secondary field options, as well as study and work abroad in German and Scandinavian languages.

Monday, October 25 @ 3-4:30 pm, Barker Center Tent

German, Dutch, Scandinavian Languages Virtual Drop-In

Find out about German Studies, Scandinavian Studies,  advising in language placement, language courses in German and  Swedish, tutorials in Danish, Dutch, Icelandic, and Norwegian, as well as study and work abroad opportunities. 

Dates TBA