Dissertations 2022-2011


Sebastian Brass - Fakt, Fiktion und Transparenz. Modi autobiographischer Selbstreferenz im 20. und 21. Jahrhundert

Lauren Geppi - Bodies, Technology, and Emerging Notions of Subjectivity in the Poetry of Thomas Kling, Ulrike Draesner, and Durs Griinbein

Jermain Heidelberg - The Whole Earth. Poetics and Planetary Ecology, 1950-1990

Sina Hoche - Scripting Space: Affective Topographies in VALIE EXPORT, Elfriede Jelinek, and Ulrich Seidl

Christian Struck - A Walk Through the Text. On the Materiality and Impact of Textual Marks


Catrina de Rivera – Abject Legacies: Guilt, Shame, and Transgenerational Trauma


Anne Maike Röhrborn - „Das Wird Man Wohl Noch Sagen Dürfen!“ Political Correctness-Diskurse in Deutschsprachiger Literatur Und Kabarett, 2010–2020


Anton Chaevitch - Goethe and Law: Advancement Through Narrative and Arbitration

Alexander Lambrow - Theogony Ab Ovo: Carl Schmitt's Early Literary Writings


Steven Lydon - Visions in Sand: The Sound Figures in Goethe, Schopenhauer, and Nietzsche

Gernot Waldner - What Counts. On the Reception of Statistics in Early Twentieth Century Prose

Miriam Wray - Ornament und Mode in Kafka's Der Verschollene (1911-1914), Broch's Die Schlafwandler (1930) und Musil's Der Mann ohne Eigenschaften (1930)


Nicole Burgoyne - Bureaucracy and Dissent: East German Subjectivity and Socialist Realism in the Context of the Soviet Union, Czechoslovakia, and Romania

Arndt Luemers - Resonantes Erzählen - Zu einem formsemantischen Prinzip bei Alfred Döblin


Richard Cole - The Jew Who Wasn't There: Studies on Jews and their Absence in Old Norse Literature

Seth Peabody - Environmental Fantasies: Mountains, Cities, and Heimat in Weimar Cinema


Jillian DeMair - Telling about the Truth: Negotiations of Credibility in German Narratives

Kristin Jones - Revitalizing Romanticism: Novalis' "Fichte Studien" and the Philosophy of Organic Nonclosure

Thomas Siefert - Translation in Foreign Language Pedagogy: The Rise and Fall of the Grammar Translation Method

Ian Fleishman - An Esthetics of Injury: The Narrative Wound from Baudelaire to Haneke


Hang-Sun Kim - "Unser Dasein starrt von Buechern": Hugo von Hofmannsthal's Crisis of Authorship

Emily Jones - Verschachtelte Räume: Writing and Reading Environments in W. G. Sebald

Sonja Graber-Magocsi - Die Vermessung „Neu-Seellands”: Schreibweisen der Psychologien in der deutschsprachigen Literatur der Jahrhundertwende


Daniel Bowles - Satire after Satire: The Afterlife of Satiric Practices in German Literature and Literary Theories since 1950

Pascale LaFountain - Flaws, Mistakes, Misreadings: Error and the Human Sciences in Drama around 1800