Recent Dissertations

Julie Allen, “Representations of Denmark in Fin-de-siècle German and Austrian Literature”

Daniel Bowles, “Satire after Satire: The Afterlife of Satiric Practices in German Literature and Literary Theories since 1950”

Elio Brancaforte, “Reading Word and Image: Representations of Safavid Persia in the Maps and Frontispieces of Adam Olearius (ca. 1650)”

Silke Brodersen, “Die Wirklichkeit im ‘Hohlspiegel der Sinne’: Adalbert Stifters Poetik der Wahrnehmung”

Andrea Deeker,  “Locating the Image: Heiner Müller and the Acoustic”

Charitini Douvaldzi, “Aesthetics of Retrospec­tion: Life Narratives in Goethe, Rousseau, Moritz, and Keller”

Sara Eigen Figal, “Generating the Good: Fictions of Literature, Law, and Science in 18th-Century Germany”

Mattias Frey, “Postwall Germany's Historical Film Wave: A Cinema of Retro-flection”

Patrick Fortmann, “Autopsy: Physiology of Love and Anatomy of Politics in Georg Büchner”

Mark Gagnon, “Celluloid Heros of the Adenauer Eras: Creating New Citizens in the War Films of the 1950s”

Sonja Gräber-Magocsi, “Die Vermessung 'Neu-Seellands': Schreibweisen der Psychologien in der deutschsprachigen Literatur der Jahrhundertwende”

Gundela Hachmann, “Blick in die Zeit: optische Medien in deutschen Romanen der Postmoderne”

Anjeana Hans, “Defining Desires: Homo­sexual Identities and Discourse in German Literature and Culture, 1900–1933”

Grant Henley, “Cultural Confessionalism: Literary Resistance and the ‘Bekennende Kirche’”

Thomas Herold, “Die Zeit des Romans oder Moderne Mimesis”

Emily Jones, “Verschachtelte Räume: Writing and Reading Environments in W.G. Sebald”

Kristin Jones, "Revitalizing Romanticism: Novalis' Fichte Studien and the Philosophy of Organic Nonclosure"

David Kim, “Imperial Expansion: Translation and Universality in Modern Austrian and German Cultures”

Hang-Sun Kim, “Unser Dasein starrt von Büchern: Hugo von Hofmannsthal's Crisis of Authorship”

Dan Kramer, “Representations of Greece on the German stage (1755-1807): German Drama in the Wake of Winckelmann”

Justice Kraus,  “Science Functions: Musil, Kafka, and Broch”

Pascale LaFountain, “Flaws, Mistakes, Misreadings: Error and the Human Sciences in Drama around 1800”

Robert Lemon, “Orientalism as Self-Critique in the Hapsburg Fin-de-siècle”

Doris McGonagill, “Warburg, Sebald, Richter: Toward a Visual Memory Archive”

Fatima Naqvi-Peters, “The Rhetoric of Victim and Perpetrator: Austrian Literature and Film, 1986-1995”

Lena Norrman, “Women’s Voices, Power, and Performance in Viking Age Scandinavia”

Debra Prager, “Orienting the Self: Encounters with the Eastern Other in German Narrative Fiction”

Michael Saman, “Goethe As a Reader of Kant, 1788-1832: Judgment, Grace, and the Most Desirable Calling”

Brigitta Wagner, “Berlin Films and the Cultural Politics of Spatial Memory”

Joel Westerdale, “Nietzsche’s Aphoristic Dyna­mite”