Daniel Carranza

Daniel Carranza

Fellow in Germanic Languages and Literatures (2020-2022)
Assistant Professor of Germanic Languages and Literatures (2022-)
Daniel Carranza

Daniel Carranza studied German literature and philosophy in Portland (OR), Tübingen, Chicago, and Leipzig. He received his M.A. and Ph.D. from the University of Chicago. He has received fellowships from the Fulbright and Humboldt Foundations.

His research and teaching interests include eighteenth- to twentieth-century German literature; poetics and the history of the lyric; the German philosophical tradition from Kant to Heidegger; moments of cross-pollination between the history of science and the history of philology; ‘new formalisms;’ and literary theory. He perpetually returns to the question of how poetry thinks.

Publications include studies of Rilke, Roman Jakobson, Goethe, and transatlantic German-American cultural exchange, with forthcoming articles on Nietzsche and Celan.

Daniel is currently working on a monograph that reconstructs how Goethe’s poetic science of morphology (first developed with regard to vegetal growth and the skeletal structure of animals) shaped the emerging field of literary criticism around 1800, above all the work of Wilhelm von Humboldt and August Wilhelm Schlegel.

He also serves as the German Studies Director for the Society for German Idealism & Romanticism (SGIR).

Personal website: danielcarranza.net

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