Language Placement Exams

The Harvard German Placement Test is open now through the start of the Spring term. Students may sign up for a slot to take the placement exam using the Online Placement Exams Registration application (OPER). Be sure to pre-register in advance.

Satisfying the Language Requirement: Students who complete the online Harvard German Placement Test and would like to use their exam to fulfill the language requirement will be invited to take a Language Verification Exam (LVE). Students who do not plan to use the online placement exam to fulfill the language requirement do not need to take the LVE. Students who are eligible to take the LVE will be contacted by email and offered the opportunity to sign up for a time slot. This exam will be conducted over Zoom (a video conferencing app). Before the exam, be sure that your computer has Zoom, a front-facing camera, and a microphone.

Students who have fulfilled the language requirement with a score on an AP or SAT II test do not need to take the Harvard placement test or the LVE.

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